One last thing before NaNoWriMo

inner editor

Usually when writing, we favour quality over quantity. Sometimes you can spend weeks trying to formulate the perfect opening sentence. You might agonise over the right word to finish off your sentence.

During NaNo, you need to take that mentality and throw it out the window. Find a box, get a lock and pop your inner editor in there until NaNoWriMo is over. December and beyond is for editing. November is only for writing.

Don’t edit as you go along. Don’t delete anything. If you write a sentence, heck even a paragraph and you don’t like it do not delete it. Just highlight it a different colour so you know to come back to it later on.

A friend of mine on Twitter made this for me after I gave him a pep talk along a similar line:

IMG_20181026_174327(graphic made by BillyOwensJr)


Leave your inner editor in the comments below until the end of November. I’ll let them play and watch Netflix and you can have them back in December.


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