NaNoWriMo is upon us


So we’re 4 days into NaNoWriMo and I’m a little ahead of my word count so I thought I’d squeeze in a little update before I crack on and do a bit more.

Day 1
Word count goal: 1667
Words written today: 1667
Total Word Count: 1667

This morning I got up as usual for work and spent less time on social media than I usually do in order to get some words in before I had to leave. I managed to write a hefty 719 words!

After work, I had to go and pick up a friend to bring back to mine, so I didn’t get to continue writing until almost 8pm, though still managed to reach word count.

Day 2 
Word count goal: 3334
Words written today: 1635
Total Word Count: 3302

Wrote about 120 words before work. Had some friends over for a kick-off party from 7.30 and started writing from approx 8.30. I stayed up later than everyone else but unfortunately only got to 3302 by midnight. I went over 3334 but because I went past midnight the NaNo forum counted it towards Day 3’s total.

Day 3
Word count goal: 5000
Words written today: 1732
Total Word Count: 5025

Again didn’t start writing till quite late. I spent most of the day helping a friend bake for her sister’s baby shower. Managed to hit word count when I did finally sit down to write, though.

Day 4
Word count goal: 6667
Words written today: 2715 (As of posting this blog)
Total Word Count: 7740 (at time of posting)

Best day so far! I started writing mid-afternoon, and took part in some word sprints on Twitter with the NaNoWordSprints account

Sprint 1 – 30 mins – goal 1k – wrote 1162 words!
Sprint 2 – 15 mins – wrote 372 words!
Sprint 3 – 20 mins – wrote 785 words!

Total Sprinting word count today: 2319 (WE HAVE A 23-19!)

I’m still plugging away at my novel tonight though, and i’m hoping to get to 8k before I go to bed. Wish me luck!

I hope your NaNo is going as well as you wanted!

Lemme know below 🙂


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