Are you behind with NaNoWriMo? If so don’t panic!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to do a quick blog post about NaNoWriMo wordcount. Today is November 6th which means the goal for today is a Biggie: 10,000 words.

Some of us will get there and some of us won’t.

Now if you’re one of those people who won’t make it, or who hasn’t written for a few days then don’t panic.

I saw some great advice on twitter (I can’t remember who by, sorry!) And wanted to share it.

Don’t let a seeming wall of wordcount debt stop you from writing.

Let’s say you didn’t do any writing for the first five days at all. You might be thinking ‘Crap, now I have to write 8883 words to catch up!’ and that can seem like an impossible task.

I’m here to tell you a secret. Take your 50,000 words and divide by the number of days left in the month.

In this case 50k ÷ 25

Your new daily word goal to reach 50k by the end of the month is 2000 words per day. That’s a whole lot more doable than 8883 isn’t it!

Remember this is YOUR NaNoWriMo journey and you can do it your own way.

Find ways to motivate yourself to write.

Split your daily word count into chunks.

Give yourself rewards every X amount of words. That reward can be anything. I’m using sweets (candy for you Americans) but you could say every 500 words is a half hour episode of your favourite show.

Make NaNoWriMo work for you.

Good luck, and may the nano fairy visit you.

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