NaNoWriMo vs the Week 2 Blues

week 2 blues

Congratulations, whatever your current word count is, you’ve made it through the first week of NaNoWriMo! Well done you! Please just take a moment to appreciate everything you’ve achieved. Whether it’s one word or 10,000 words. You. Have. Achieved. Something.

Now, I don’t like to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I have to warn you about something. It’s called the Week 2 Blues.

Week 2 is just about where all of the excitement of Week 1 has fizzled out. All that get up and go you had to start your novel has gotten up and gone. You’re tired. You’re probably sick (I know I am!).

This is usually where we lose a lot of Wrimos, especially first timers. I know it might seem bleak at the moment but I have to tell you that YOU CAN DO THIS. You just need to push through. Gather your writing buddies, replenish your snack supply, and maybe get some sleep.

Ways to beat the Week 2 Blues:
– Dance out your frustrations to your favourite songs
– Take half an hour to do a bit of plotting/brainstorming
– Follow @NaNoWordSprints and take part in some sprints (I took part in some sprints the other day and managed to write 2319 words from sprints alone!)
– Check out The Annual Dares Thread and take some on
– Go outside for a walk
– Have a nice hot bath/shower
– Change up your #NaNoRewards to something that’s more enticing

Have you got any ideas for warding off the week 2 blues? Share them below!


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