VSS365 Week 12

Day 78
Mutual glances across the bar turned into shy smiles and lingering touches of painted lips. Heat blossomed in the wake of coloured fingertips on skin, and all else was forgotten as the world dissolved around them.

Day 79
A #pseudonym offered her the anonymity to write whatever the hell she wanted, and she loved the freedom. It was all fun and games until her pseudonym started outselling her.

Day 80
She set the #magnify potion down on the table, and her accidentally miniaturised girlfriend beside it
“Let me find a thimble you can drink from.” She said, watching her bull-headed idiot trying to remove a cork bigger than her head.
“I’ll just drink from the bottle!”

Day 81
Your love for me is a #riddle I can’t solve. A labyrinth with no fathomable exit and you the minotaur at the center.

Day 82
Her #sabotage was almost complete. All that was left was for her to ‘go on the holiday she’d had booked for months’ before they launched the rocket tomorrow. As soon as it failed they’d go looking for reasons why. She’d covered her tracks but didn’t want to take any chances.

Day 83
She kept a dagger in her garter. A concealed #thorn to defend herself should she ever get separated from her Princess’ guard. Sometimes she liked to try and get the upper hand on Jonas, her favourite guard, and sometime he let her think that she had.

Day 84
She used her four-poster as a climbing #frame, pretending to scale mountains and swing on jungle vines. The floor went from being lava to a raging river and back again. As she neared the totem, all was quiet until….

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