VSS365 Week 13

Day 85
“The implants are designed to #inhibit hormones?”
“Yes, until we do a controlled release and we’ve programmed them to only respond to the implant paired with it.”
“You think it’ll work?”
“It has to.”

Day 86
She stood by and watched him trying to pick the lock. Long slender picks fiddling in a #keyhole like that was meant to work.
“Move out of the way.” She told him, raising a boot and kicking the door in.
“There, much easier.”
“But a lot less subtle.”
“Have you met me?”

Day 87
I saw the Reaper on the other side of the room and wondered who he was here to #collect. He moved gracefully between the dancing couples. When no-one else reacted, I realised he was here for me.
“It’s your time.” He told me calmy.
“No, I refuse” And I turned and ran.

Day 90
“I can’t just rhyme on command.”
“I thought you were a #poet.”
“I’m not a machine for you to enter a demand.”
“Don’t I know it.”

Day 91
She gripped the knife in her hand before dropping it. She’d sworn she’d never be made to feel a #victim again, but turning to violence wasn’t the answer either.
“Coward!” He shouted after her, before she disappeared into the shadows.

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