VSS365 Week 14

Day 92
Aisha punched in her code and waited for the hangar door to unlock. Instead a red warning light flashes the computer demanded “#verify.”
She punched in the code again.
She punched the keyboard with a frustrated scream.

Day 93
“Citizens of the Empire.” A #voice boomed across the sector, forcing everyone to stop and listen. “The curfew is now in effect. Return to your homes immediately.” Instead of following everyone else, Jorna pulled a black cloak around her and stepped into an alley.

Day 94
“Ok who put flowers in Grandma?” Lana shouted as she walked into the living room and spotted the daffodils on the mantle.
“You mean that’s not a #vase?”
“It’s an urn, didn’t you see the ash?”
“No… I did wonder why it had a lid, though.”

Day 95
Howl stared down the #vicious dragon as it approached her slowly. The others had run for it, and as her doom stalked ever closer, she realised that maybe she should’ve run too. But she was rooted to the spot, unable to move. Unable to even scream.

Day 96
They thought I was a #vacant body, my brain had left the building. In reality I could hear everything that was said around my hospital bed. Including a whispered confession between my husband and his mistress over my comatose body. I had to wake up and prove what they did.

Day 97
“Have we reached a #verdict?”
“Not yet.”
“But we’ve been discussing this for two hours.”
“No one can agree on anything!”
“Just get pizza and be done with it!”
“Did anyone consider Thai?”
“You’re not helping!”

Day 98
“That’s what I said.”
“Your name is Violence Jones? Al this time I thought Vi was short for Violet. What are you, a super villain?”
“I’m your worst nightmare.” She smirked.
“Uhuh, sure you are, Kitten.” He patted her on the head. “Pass the controller.”

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