VSS365 Week 27

Day 183
The time ring activated and Thomas felt the effects of it #unfurl around him like tendrils that reached out through time to pull him to his destination. Like a slingshot ride at the fair. He always ‘landed’ feeling violently ill, and this time was no exception.

Day 184
Anthony felt the familiar #sting as he materialised in a new time like a numbness that spread through his body, he shuddered and shook it off before trying to figure out when he was now. He didn’t see Thomas anywhere, or anyone else for that matter.

Day 185
“‘I’m scared I’m never going to find him.” Anthony sobbed onto a future Thomas’ shoulder. “That he’s out of my #reach.”
“You’ll find each other. You have to believe that.”
“I feel like we’re stuck in an infinite loop!”
“That’s only because you haven’t found him yet!”

Day 186
Dear Thomas,
Today I met your father. He was waiting #beneath a clock in Grand Central for your mom. For a second I thought it was you, the similarities were so striking. Also he wanted to call you Ben, but I managed to talk him around. I wish you could have met him.

Day 187
Thomas shimmered away leaving Anthony behind and he fell to his knees. What kind of cruel #trick was this? They’d just wanted to go on a date. Instead the accident had ricocheted them into time. Quickly scanning the phase matter, he programmed his ring and tried to follow.

Day 188
He’d been waiting for the day he met the future version of Thomas that blamed him for the accident. And why wouldn’t he? He’d made him try on the ring.
As Thomas grabbed Anthony by the shirt, the #fury was very much evident in his eyes. So the kiss was a bit of a shock.

Day 189
“Think of time like a #tunnel.” Anthony explained to Thomas, showing him his prototype Time Ring. “Except the exit is constantly fluctuating so if you don’t have the precise coordinates, or the device isn’t properly calibrated you won’t come out of the right exit.”

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