VSS365 Week 33

Day 225
“#Imagine the possibilities!” Anthony told me. “This could change the future of medicine management as we know it!”
I nodded, only half paying attention as I read my book. Later, I would come to regret not paying attention to every bit of information he told me.

Day 226
My #favourite sweater had gone missing. It wasn’t in the laundry basket, nor the dryer or the wardrobe. Heading Thomas arrive home, I went to ask if he’d seen it and stopped.
“That’s mine, take it off.”
“Right now?”
“I need it.”
“I don’t have anything on underneath.”

Day 227
Of course I made him give the sweater back. It’s mine. I pull it on and reach for him, my fingers #linger dangerously close to his waistband. 
“Later.” I whisper a promise as he goes for my wrist. 
“Anthonyyy.” He whines and tries puppy dog eyes. If I had time it would work.

Day 228
I wished I could lay here forever in the #haven of his arms, but I had my own Anthony to get back to.

Day 229
Thomas has always been my #blindside. Even as he raises the gun, I find myself surprised. I’d always imagined this would be the other way around. 
“Do it.” I tell him before he can chicken out, his arm is already trembling. 
He pulls the trigger and everything goes dark.

Day 230
To the outside world Anthony is orderly, collected, aloof, condescending. So I take great delight in unravelling him and revealing his #wild side. Like now, for instance, when I’m tracing the tattoo on his thigh with my tongue while he pleads for more.

Day 231
#Bright lights blind me and I stumble, unable to figure out where it is I’ve materialised this time. The squeal of brakes combined with the acrid scent of burning rubber complete an overwhelming trio of sensory information and my side erupts in pain before I black out.

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