VSS365 Week 4

Day 22 Jan 22 
Alastair sighed, resting his chin on his hand. The #rigmarole of choosing a human to join him in immortality was getting to him. Out of the fifty suitors he’d chosen, only a handful showed promise. Maybe he needed to bring in some new blood to liven up the group.

Day 23 Jan 23 
A #cacophony of voices surrounded him, as if pulled close on invisible strings. If he reached out and plucked one, he could follow it back to it’s owner & peer into their life. When the voices were overpowering he prayed for silence but it always eluded him. 

Day 24 Jan 24 
Aisha didn’t know how she’d let this #happen. One minute they’re sailing the stars minding their own business and the next they’re coerced into pulling the stupidest job in the galaxy. They’d be lucky if they didn’t die. 

Day 25 Jan 25 
“You never cease to #amaze, you know that?” Thomas sighed happily, languidly tracing Anthony’s collarbone as he looked down at his boyfriend. 
Anthony chuckled, a deep rumble in his throat as he placed a hand on the back of Thomas’ neck. “Shut up and kiss me already.” 

Day 26 Jan 26 
The #range of notes he was able to hit was angelic and as he transitioned through them without any effort at all, Jae was stricken dumb. Gooseflesh spread across his skin like wildfire and when they locked eyes, it was all over. The siren had him. 

Day 27 Jan 27 
The place where her #adversary had stood ready to fight was now a cavernous hole in the ground. Fracture lines shoot forwards like tendrils grasping at ankles, seeking more victims for the maw that gapes ever wider. Hands bloody, she scoots back in search of safe ground.

Day 28 Jan 28 
There was nothing more he #could do. Saito was dead & if anyone came in now & saw the blood on his hands they’d think he did it, & then he wouldn’t be able to track down who really did. Leaning in to kiss his forehead Harry whispered his goodbye & vanished with a soft pop 

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