VSS365 Week 5

Day 29
Smiling outwardly, she tried to mask the #tremendous void within. The brighter her smile, the less people would be able to see the darkness flickering behind her eyes, threatening to take control and drag her under. One day her resolve would slip, but not today. Not yet.

Day 30
As the fifth child born into the royal line, Arthur knew he was a spare. An #extra that would never see the crown unless the impossible happened. That suited him fine, he didn’t want it. 
A hand shook him awake in the night, pulled him from his bed. 
“Something happened”

Day 31
Aiden watched the pallor of his skin change from greying marble to #rosy human even before he’d finished administering the injection into his thigh. It was truly marvelous, but the real test would be whether he could pass for a living mortal or not.

Day 32 
“Stop reading that damn #script and look at me!” Hayden all but screamed. Josh finally dragged his eyes from the pages, the highlighter lid clutched between his teeth. 
“Wa your poblem?” He asked around it, sighing. 
“There’s a wasp in the kitchen.

Day 33
“You wanna see how far down I can sink?” He asked, like a challenge, “Let me go!” He tugged against the hand that held his wrist in a firm vice-like grip, pulling him from the dim room. A den where #sanity and reason had no place. “How did you even find me?” 

Day 34 
#Fantasy stories had always been her favourite, she dreamed of walking among elves & riding dragons. Never did she think it would actually happen, but when she opened the cover of her latest library acquisition, the air shone with magic & vicious wind pulled her in

Day 35
#Frantic thoughts tick like clocks that won’t be silenced. 
Maddening in their infinity, proximity waxing and waning like the moon. 
Like a pendulum dancing overhead. 
The earth spins too fast, and it’s all he can do to hold on. If only he could remember 



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