VSS365 Week 6

Day 36
Dean thumbed through the atlas of souls, waiting for one to call out to him. When one did, he’d slip it on like a winter coat before reliving that soul’s journey from inception to immolation. Having long since lost his own soul, this was the only way he could feel. 

Day 37
#Ritual complete, she sank onto the bed ready to sleep for at least a decade. Still, despite the bone deep ache of exhaustion, a smile played on her lips, carving out tiny dimples in her cheeks. No one. 
Not one person has expected her to pull this off. 
She’d shown them.

Day 38
“I’ve been #enchanted and I need you to remove it.” 
“Why would I do that?” 
“I have money!” 
“Little Princeling your money has no worth here.” 
“Then tell me what you would have me do.” 
“Kiss me.” 
“But you’re a man..”
“Do you want the enchantment removed or not?” 

Day 39
#Mule knew if he didn’t get the cart back before dark he’d be in trouble. Ma was never shy with the strap. Ahead in the road a horse had thrown it’s rider & torn off. He should continue on, he knew, but something called him to help the beautiful man. #vss365

Day 40
Mule could see the man’s #pride had been wounded, and from the way he was holding his arm it seemed that wasn’t the only injury. Gently setting the cart down, he went over to him, hands raised when distrustful yet bewitching brown eyes turned on him. 
“Do you need help?”

Day 41
Dae worked his way over to the DJ, a #request dripping from the tip of his tongue. He wanted something to dance to. Something fast paced so he could lose himself in the music. Or against one of the beautiful people in the crowd. Anything to drown out his own mind.

Day 42
His eyes scanned the crowd for anyone who might be an #ally. Finding none, he turned his attention to their minds. A weak willed individual could be golemised and forced to do his bidding. It might suffice, for now.

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