VSS365 Week 7

Day 43
Hands bound in shackles of damascus steel, he looks up at the skeletal #judge before him. 
“Why have you summoned me here to the infernal court?” He asks out of turn, bold as brass, his expression bored. 
“The shadow council has need of you.” 
“You couldn’t just ask?”

Day 44
Her eyes shone with the embers she’d used to burn down the #empire. Embers she could summon forth at her whim and tease into a monstrous flame. Ashen bones crunched beneath her feet as she left, charring everything in her wake.

Day 45
The new #rookie they’d assigned me stood awkwardly at the side of my desk. All gangly limbs and doe eyes, he looked innocent at a glance but there was something deeper that said otherwise. A shadow just beyond the light’s grasp. Colour me intrigued.
“S’your name kid?” 

Day 46
He looked in the mirror, leaning in to scowl at his meat suit. There was a fracture line forming beneath his right eye giving him away for what he was. A #parody. An imitation of humanity. He needed to feed regularly to sustain his costume, lest the mortals discover him.

Day 47
#Creed was a word bandied about like it meant something, as if it could tie people together. Leith knew different, knew that if it came down do it all bonds would be broken and it’d be tooth and claw and everyone for themselves. That day would come and he was prepared.

Day 48
When he looked at the Adonis before him, #greed ran through his core, forcing his hands into fists at his side. No matter how he tried to suppress his covetous side, it always reared its ugly head. A dragon in human form was still a dragon after all. 

Day 49
Her task was to #infiltrate the Palace without being spotted. In & out, silent & swift. Her task was definitely not to make eye contact with Princess Kaya, nor to have Kaya hide her in her chambers till it was dark enough to escape the castle, but here they both were.

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