VSS365 Week 8

Day 50
“What is your #purpose? Why are you here?” The Princess demands, hands on her hips as she waits for an answer. I don’t give her one, my eyes on the floor as if I can will her to disappear. 
“I’ll just scream for the guards then shall I?” 
“So you can speak.” 

Day 51
Jonah screamed and raged, scratching at his confines. When he’d given himself over to a #soldier of hell, he’d wrongly assumed it’d be a one time deal. No matter what he did, the demon possessing him paid him no heed. Nothing he’d done so far had provoked a reaction.

Day 52
The #solution to all of his problems was right in front of him. All he had to do was pull the switch and get rid of the failed subjects. Minus the one he was taking with him, of course. Would she have signed up so willingly if she knew what it was costing the rest? 

Day 53
A century had passed by in no time at all, and this time he’d been left to rest in #peace. Not like his previous slumber when the damned humans had attempted to build a housing complex over his resting place. This time he knew better and he’d bought the land first.

Day 54
“Oh great, here comes the #Royal pain in my ass.” Tanaka grumbled to his fellow guardsman. Both were tasked with guarding the prince and it had been fine when he’d been younger. But the adorable cherub had soured into a surly teenager and it was clear he hated them both.

Day 55
The winter #belle selection had finished, and the girls that hadn’t made the cut were being loaded into carts. Jenna followed the successful girls into the palace, plucking a knife from her garter. If she could get rid of one of the chosen, she could take their place.

Day 56
She pulled a selection of #spirits & lined them up on the bar. 
“Take yer pick.” She said, tapping the jars to wake them. 
“Which do you recommend for a house haunting?” The poltergeist’s jar squealed as she pushed it forward, her nail clicking against the glass.

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