VSS365 Week 9

Day 57
Even the #vermin taunted him, running in and out through the bars of his cell, rubbing their freedom in his face. If he could just catch one, maybe he could summon enough magic to transform into one and make his escape. 
Still as a statue, he watched, waiting.

Day 58
The #destination had never really mattered to him. He preferred to focus on the journey, the people he met along the way and the stories they had to tell him. That was until he stumbled upon the unicorn glade and realised he’d been searching for this place all along.

Day 59
#Deathly rays of black light jutted from his body like shards of obsidian glass. Anyone who got too close was vaporised, and he called out warnings for people to get back as he felt power thrumming through his veins, surging to the surface like a volcano ready to erupt.

Day 60
[Do you wish to remove 8,547  /Memories of Alison and Steven/?]

Alison drank deeply from the wineglass she held in her right hand, her left reaching to select an option. The indent where her wedding ring lived screaming out an answer as she chose. 

[#purge memories]

Day 61
#Bridging had always been his way of grounding himself. Partitioning the excess power to prevent himself from mentally overheating and becoming overwhelmed. Last time it had happened, Jared had lost three days and had woken up covered in someone else’s blood.

Day 62
The #Atlantic parted, roaring and roiling at the disruption. In the trench left behind, a fissure formed as the earth split violently in two. Instead of a molten core, only darkness spewed forth. And in the center of the darkness, she screamed.

Day 63
As she screamed, the #whitecaps abandoned their crests taking off into the sky like winged demons to seek out their prey. The mortals who had dared to take the starlight hostage in a flesh prison.

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