VSS365 WEEK 14

Day 92
“Go on then, or are you #chicken?”
“I prefer to look at it as a healthy sense of self preservation.” 
“I am not!” 
Sam scowled at his friend as he tucked in his arms and did his worst chicken impression. Calling it his best would be an insult to chickens.

Day 93
He curled into a ball, protecting himself from the #kicking as best he could. Tears flowed freely, though he tried not to sob, it would only encourage them. It took him a moment to realise they’d stopped. To acknowledge the strong arms pulling him up. 
“Are you ok?” 

Day 94
Thumbs gently brushed away the tears staining his face and he clung to his rescuers arms, blinking up at him. An upperclassman. As beautiful as a marble statue, and judging by the #rock hard biceps beneath his hands, just as strong. 
“I’m okay now.” Now that you’re here.

Day 95
#Orange lights glare overhead casting harsh shadows that seem to have been pulled directly from my nightmares. The umbra pulsates to the increasing rhythm of my heart. Glass smashes and so does my resolve. I flee, barely managing to keep the banshee wail from escaping  

Day 96
Peering at the reflective surface of a #chrome hubcap, she screamed. Only instead of s scream, A mournful yowl erupted instead pulling looks and even laughs from passersby. Staring back at her was a black cat. Had she mixed up her smoothie with a potion again? Great.

Day 97
Rachel balanced on the arm of the #crane, her clothes swaying softly as she looked down at the city. This morning she’d woken up with the urge to fly, so she’d gone outside and she’d done it. On reflection maybe she should’ve practiced the going down part too. 

Day 98
“Is this the room for the floristry #club?” A deep voice asks, making him jump. 
Turning, he takes in the first arrival with wide eyes. Oh shit, he’s hot. 
The guy smiles, waiting politely and it takes Jay a moment to come to his senses. 
“Yes!” He recovers. “Come in.”

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