VSS365 Week 15

Day 99
The #Telegraph lay in smouldering ruins & Adrian pushed through the gathered crowd to get at the remains. 
“Meet me at the telegraph. Friday at 6. Don’t be late!” But he’d been late. Too late. As tears fall, a hand clasps his shoulder. He turns. 
“I was late too.”

Day 100
He paces his cell trying not to let the #isolation get to him. Failing. Darkness pulls at him from the corners. Before they’d dragged him away, he’d been allowed to see /him/. He’d been restrained. Not knowing if hes okay is going to break him before the isolation will.

Day 101
“Your highness they’re back.” 
“The #rescue team?” 
“Yes. They got them all.” 
“Take me to him.” 
Alastair is in a hospital bed, bruised & bandaged. 
“You’re alive! I was so scared!” Tears fall unbidden but Alastair looks at him with unfamiliarity. 
“Sorry, who are you?” 

Day 102
“Please tell me you’re not watching that movie yet again.” 
“Hey, I’ll have you know #desperado is a classic.” 
“Said nobody ever.” 
“David Boreanaz is amazing, just look at him!” 
“You’re kidding me, right?”
“That’s Antonio Banderas you uncultured swine!” 

Day 103
Armed guards blocked the only #road in & out of town. They were searching for people with powers. I hadn’t used mine in so long their sensors passed right over me but my brother wasn’t so lucky. Alarms blared & I shoved him behind me, power flaring “I’m the one you want.” 

Day 104
Our energy signatures are similar enough they believe the lie. My mother is crying as they drag me from the house, my brother thankfully silent. “This one’s for #Shelter.” They say, & my stomach drops. It’s less a shelter and more of a lab where they rank the powered.

Day 105
#Tumbling toward the ground, he frantically jabs at the console on his forearm. The engines had seized up and he had seconds before he needed to deploy the emergency shute. Yet another alarm started blaring as he approached the threshold too quickly. “Come on, come on!” 

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