VSS365 Week 16

Day 106
After years of #desolation, she’d grown accustomed to the quiet. She’d made her peace with it, accepted it. Now, as humanity tried to rebuild itself she was forced into a world of constant noise. Eyeing the flickering fire, she wondered if it wasn’t too late to go back.

Day 107 
He’d #arrested three times already, and it was enough to put his team on edge. The nature of his power meant he shouldn’t be able to die, but with each arrest he took longer to come back. The green smoke had done something to him, he could feel it winding through his body

Day 108 
Her nose is tinted #blue, her pursed lips a few shades darker than the steel blue of her unfathomable eyes. Grey hair surrounds her icy face like frozen pistes. She beckons, drawing you away from the safety of your fire. Out into the cold that she may devour your heart. 

Day 109
Tapping against her steering wheel, she kept time with the music on the radio. She shut it off as a tremor shook the #street so hard it set off alarms & the three cars in front of her vanished as the asphalt swallowed them, a ragged gaping maw spewing lava bombs skyward. 

Day 110
Thomas grabbed a napkin and leaned in to gently #dab at the avocado stain on Anthony’s shirt. 
“Maybe you shouldn’t try and read schematics while you eat?” He teased. 
“Maybe a certain boyfriend of mine shouldn’t distract me while I’m multi tasking?” Anthony shot back.

Day 111
The once pristine white shirt was ruined. A #ruby stain from neck to navel spoke volumes; Massive blood loss, a recent attack given that the blood was still glistening in places. The man should be irrevocably dead, yet as they watch his body stutters and his fingers curl.

Day 112
The #radio played softly in the background, a fun pop song that contrasted to the utter devastation she was going through as Mark dumped her. Later, when she thought back on what he’d said she would only be able to remember the lyrics, his lips moving, and the tears.

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