VSS365 Week 17

Day 113
The #oddity had rested on the shelf of the antique store for fifty years without gathering a single mote of dust. Simon entered the store with a sigh, following the death of his grandpa he had a decision to make. Run the store or sell up. In a back corner the oddity sang.

Day 114 
Leah surveyed the #damage with a straight back and a steeled heart. Smashed windows, forced locks and a broken safe. Since her father’s death she’d been searching for that safe and the secrets contained within it. Whoever had beaten her to it was going to pay dearly. 

Day 115
A pair of #mittens lay forgotten in the gutter, soaked in the melting snow. The owner having long since abandoned the village with everyone else. Picking through the rubble, I wonder whether to take them. A noise rattles close by and I leave them, silently slipping away.

Day 116
If breaking hearts were a competitive sport, he’d be a #heavyweight. His list of KO’s seemingly infinite. Ask anyone he’d been with and they’d say he was heartless but the truth was that he was searching for his soulmate. Until he found them, no-one would be good enough.

Day 117 
“Do you have to go?”
“I can’t stay here.”
“He doesn’t want me, he made that perfectly clear. I can’t stay & watch him be happy with someone else. It’s #killing me.”
“You really love him that much?”
“More than I can bear.”
“Where will you go?”
“Anywhere but here.”

Day 118 
The #resurrection of her feelings was as painful as it was unwanted. With just a few words, the smooth timbre of his voice swept through every barrier she’d painstakingly built around her heart. Remembered passionate whispers taunt like ghosts as tear tracks mar her face

Day 119
Moving stuff around the attic, he tripped over an old #guitar. It skittered across the floor, and once he recovered, he went to pick it up.  The stickers were faded and the strings out of tune. Her number was on the back. Aster. The one that got away. Maybe he’d call her.

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