VSS365 Week 18

Day 120 
Memories of Aster ran through his head all day. He typed that number into his phone three times, deleted it three times too. Would she remember him? Want to reconnect? The last time he’d seen her was the weekend of their spring break #alcoholiday before college interfered

Day 121 
“These Jessop’s recruits?” Thawn asked, looking over them with a critical eye. 
“These are the best he could find?” “They call him the #ragpicker for a reason.” Calhoun shrugged. “They’ll probably wash out like the rest. He’s never had a successful candidate.” 

Day 122 
The #rainwater fleet hovered over the city, collecting together like the clouds they resembled. The rain admiral gave the order to precipitate and water flowed from the tanks down to the ground below, ensuring the earth’s global warming secret remained just that. 

Day 123
Carlotta #baked to soothe her soul when she was down. Every year on the anniversary of her husband’s death, her grandchildren would set up a table outside their house and sell the results of her grief to passers by who were enticed over by the smell

Day 124 
She was a bathos child. The left over. Her parents and older siblings were all brilliant, amazing in their respective fields. Everyone had expected greatness of her, & instead she was a failure. A freak, who made unexplainable things happen. Someone they had to hide.

Day 125 
The whole street was woken by the sound of number 43 having yet another #argle-bargle outside their house at 7 in the morning. It’d been going on for a week now and everyone pulled their curtains back to watch. Completely unaware of the brainwashing they were getting.

Day 126 
Elizabeth scrambled to a stop, falling back on her ass as a couple wolves the size of #horses shot past her, making the trees around them tremble. One of them, brindle and black, doubled back around before she could recover.
“These woods are not safe for you.” It warned.

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