VSS365 Week 19

Day 127 
Head down & eyes lowered, the first thing he saw when someone bumped into him was bright pink #shoelaces. They stood out against chunky black trainers, the only pop of colour in an all black outfit.
“Sorry, are you okay?” He asks. Our eyes meet, & I feet the pull.

Day 128 
She was a #chimera of two worlds and wanted by neither due to the explosive powers in her blood, powers betrayed by her amber eyes. Locked in a cell, if no-one claimed her as a pupil by the end of the week, she’d be sent to the ore mines and worked to death. 

Day 129
#Nine weeks into their courtship, Andy asked to meet.
“We need to talk.”
Her heart sank, Andy had been pulling away lately.
“What is it?”
“I’m not who you think I am… I’m.. I’m a woman.”
“You.. knew?”
“Of course, I just assumed you’d tell me when you were ready.”

Day 130
Having pushed back all the furniture to make herself an impromptu dance studio, Alice had thrown herself around and worked up a sweat for the past hour. In desperate need of water, she retreated to the kitchen, catching her little toe on the coffee table
#mother fucker!”

Day 131
The #petrissage balm was almost complete, Taesook just needed to add the final ingredient; rain cleansed sage that had been harvested during the full moon. A few applications of the balm was said to ease even the worst curse-borne pain, if you could avoid addiction to it.

Day 132
The #quisling quivered in the chair, his bonds rattling against the cold metal frame.
“I have intel!” He announced, voice trembling as he dared to meet the General’s eyes. Silence filled the room at his audacity. “I can help you.”
“You think I need /your/ help?”

Day 133
#village life was an adjustment. Without the constant city noise that lulled him to sleep, Alex lay in bed listening to an owl outside. A run might help. Pulling on his running shoes, he headed to the door only to find it locked no matter how many times he turned the key.

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