VSS365 Week 20

Day 134
Summoning his focus, he scanned the #orenda of those gathered in his small town. He knew them by feel and intention, so it wasn’t difficult to pick out the intruder in their midst. Their orenda was loud, obnoxious, and exactly what they needed to get out of this alive.

Day 135
“You’re sure they’ll pay?” She asked, one hand on her gun & the other holding a glass of red as she paced. They were cutting it close to the #transfer window.
“Yes, & then it’s so long DC, hola paradise.”
As the transaction dinged, she raised her gun and fired. “So long.”

Day 136
“Your highness.”
“Is it over?” The prince asks as he’s shaken awake, voice gravelled from sleep.
Dean rose into a sitting position. After mother’s death, his father had fallen into an #ennui so bad nothing could break it. He was finally at peace, and Dean all alone

Day 137
Flames consumed the old #church, licking at the stonework and pulling pained roars from the beams as they split and were used to fuel the blaze. 
“Get back!” Milo warned everyone as the vampires trapped inside tried to escape, battering against the door. “Hold the line!”

Day 138
#Ubuntu waxed and waned like the phases of the moon. An eternal tug of war between good and evil as they fought to forever tip the scales in their favour. The demon king stirred, summoning his court to discuss his latest strategy. 

Day 139
She was used to being #skint. The kind where you paid for a loaf of bread in pennies and prayed it was enough. Where every silver coin someone else had dropped was treasure. When she found the twenty on the floor she almost screamed, running home to show her mum

Day 140
She watched as the #bee flitted about her garden, it’s haphazard flight pulling delighted peals from her. As the sun dipped below the fence line and eventually the horizon, so too did the realms of possibility. Instead of a bee, now stood a handsome man in yellow and black.

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