VSS365 Week 21

Day 141
His eyes were as #silver as the blade he pointed at her. 
“You can tell noone of what you have seen this night.” He warns, stalking steadily towards her. Her heart rose to her throat as she backed away, but then her back hit the fence and she could retreat no further.

Day 142
Thomas had just wanted to bring Anthony a nice lunch & then maybe drag him up to the roof & kiss him silly, but no. His idiot disaster #queer of a boyfriend had to go and invent a TimeRing. A fucking time ring. So now Thomas was stuck in 2012. In the rain. Wearing suede.

Day 143
He was just a #detour in her plan. Nothing more than a stopgap. She had a lofty goal & no time for anything more than a casual affair. Besides, she didn’t do feelings they were too messy. When she woke one morning with him woven around her heart, she cursed. He had to go.

Day 144
Thrusters on full, she shot towards the #sapphire sky. Galactic Enforcement were already activating the planet’s defensive net but if she could slip through one of the gaps before the couplings were charged, it’d be an hour before any of them could pursue her.

Day 145
The walls were blackened, scorch marks  charred into them like tiger stripes. The small bed was in ruins, the remnants of a doll crunching beneath John’s boot. He put his hand out to steady himself, palm catching on a nail that had once held a #dreamcatcher, now empty.

Day 146
“Don’t you dare #drop me!” She squealed as he picked her up in his arms and span around.
“I’ll never let you fall.” He promised, his booming laugh joining hers.
‘Don’t you see?’ she wanted to tell him. ‘I already fell.’ He just didn’t see her that way. He never would.

Day 147
The demon plucked his heart strings like a #mandolin, tremolo instructions he couldn’t refuse forced him to watch as his body moved to the twisted piper’s tune. This wasn’t what he’d envisaged when he’d sold his soul. A front row seat to his personal orchestrated doom.

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