VSS365 Week 26

Day 176
The eight year old lay in the #verdant meadow, gazing up at the stars & dreaming of becoming an astronaut & flying her own space ship. In the left of her vision, one of the stars started blinking. Morse code! She bolted upright as she realised someone was asking for help

Day 177
“You sure you don’t want a bowl?” She asked, watching him #slather gravy on his roast dinner as though the meat were still alive & in need of drowning. His reply was to completely upend the jug of foul brown liquid over his roasties.
“You’re disgusting.”
“I love you too.”

Day 178
She engaged her powers, pulling forth the swirling magic & the #viridity of her eyes increased tenfold. If she wasn’t wearing sunglasses, it was obvious to her opponent that they needed to get the hell away from her. Unluckily for this chump, she hadn’t forgotten today.

Day 179
“I’m not letting you pull me into another #escapade.” Yoongi scowled up at Taehyung, who’s boxy smile was too bright for this time of the morning.
“But it’s for Hobi-hyung!” Tae whined, tugging at his arm. “You’re the only one I can trust not to let it slip.”
“Argh fine.”

Day 180
She struggled to get the second #scull into position without dropping the first, the wooden seat hard beneath her.  Rowing a boat couldn’t be that hard right? She’d seen people fly across water using the oars like wooden wings. So why the heck was she going in circles?

Day 181
The captain watched the two boys – soldiers that were meant to be training- flirting, his eyes narrowed and his jaw set. It wasn’t that he disapproved, but he’d have to #nix it & reinforce that those kind of things were best left to private moments. Not on the king’s time

Day 182
Back straight, she strode into the midst of the #chaos and placed two fingers in her mouth, unleashing a whistle so loud and shrill that those closest to her were forced to cover their ears. No-ones ears bled though, she made a mental note to work on that.


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